Welcome to our website!

Rockets and Monsters, LLC is an independent game design and publishing company located in Owosso, Michigan and owned by its founder, David L. North.

The goal of the company is to provide engaging, exciting, accessible, original and affordable science fiction, fantasy, role playing and strategy games to the gaming public.

Our first offering in development now is Rockets and Monsters: Build a Better World, an online and tabletop game of word building, alien design, colonization and conquest.

Future games will focus on role playing and strategy in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

About the Creator

David L. North started playing table top war and strategy games at the age of  seven back in 1967 (by himself mostly as their were not a lot of gamers his age back then).  He is married to his first and only wife and has three sons.

David has done his own game design since 1969, has patented a previous board game (dinosaurs struggling to survive after the Chicxulub meteorite impact 65 million years ago) and has served as a closed alpha, internal play tester for Stardock Games during their development of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. He also was a GM of the RPG 's Traveller and Dungeons and Dragons as far back as 1978.

In his personal life, David has been an lifelong game player, science fiction and fantasy fan. He also served as an NCO in both the U.S. Navy and Air Force—serving on destroyers, frigates carriers and in an A-10 squadron and training as an engineer, in the Russian language and as an intelligence specialist. David began drawing by the age of three and has been a working artist for his own  and other commercial businesses. 

He has been an exhibitor and panelist at Michigan comic and gaming conventions and has worked as a public speaker and in advertising for radio, newspaper and his own businesses for more than 30 years.