The Grand Rapids Comic Con

The Grand Rapids Comic Con

Monday, November 6, 2023

I just returned from the GR Comic Con and had a great time. For those I met looking to explore the game further, be patient. We just updated our new engine and now I’ll be uploading data which will take awhile. Our official release is scheduled for next November, 2024 and we will once again be at the Grand Rapids (Fall) Comic Con.

The big thing you will need here will be the instruction manual for using the web engine to design your own species, world, government and fleets. While you can see bits and pieces of the site already, the manual will be necessary for knowing what you’re looking at. When the data is complete, I’ll be uploading the manual. Until then, you can freely poke around, create a player account and even start a species (though you can’t complete it until the database is updated).

I’ll drop more info here in the news as we go along and you’re free to contact us here on the site with any comments or questions. 

We had a blast at Comic Con and were (genuinely) flabbergasted at the incredible response there.. I look forward to talking more then. 
See you tomorrow!

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