Hello Game Stores!

While we are looking for alpha state playtesters, we have a small budget to purchase gift cards from local area game stores that have a custom base that might have interest in testing Rockets and Monsters: Build a Better WorldThis is an attempt to find players that might enjoy the sort of game we are offering.

The game involves a somewhat lengthy design process for creating a unique player life form, home planet, government and society as well as some spaceship and military/technology design. It's akin to creating an RPG character and class and equipping them (this is a ridiculous simplification but it gives you the idea). In stores where there is sufficient customer interest, we may purchase gift cards as competitive rewards for testers who produce the best species/world designs.

If you are an interested store owner/manager, please send your query via the CONTACT page here, specifying you are an interested store owner/staff and we will get in touch with you.