About the Game

Testing Requests


The game involves a somewhat lengthy design process for creating unique, science fiction, player-designed life forms, home planets, governments and societies as well as some spaceship and military/technology design.  It will be akin to creating an RPG character and class and equipping them (this is a ridiculous simplification but it gives you the idea). 

The game will be in a pre-alpha state which means you will be trying out partial and unfinished parts of the game which will be subject to future change and completion. Primary contact will be via Discord and email. You will not be required to purchase anything and will be given free future game assets and discounts in return for participating. We also are not fundraising to start the game. It is currently in development. We have a small office, a shop already equipped to laser cut and 3D resin printer vacuum form. We also can laser print and bind our own boxes, playing pieces, manuals, etc. 

In the future, we may approach a national game company for a full PC version of the game. A lot depends on how things go as we develop and test but we know we have a unique game implem3ntation here and do have an industry contact. Time will tell.

No matter what though, we will have a playable, publicly available, low cost game in the near future. It's a labor of love not an attempt to just become an business organization.

Ultimately, Rockets and Monsters: Build a Better World will be a science fiction, online design, board and virtual table top game with free self-print assets as well as some optional physical ones. Created empires and species will compete/cooperate with other players to terraform and colonize newly discovered worlds while maintaining their species' worlds, technology, governments and exploration. Committed playtesters will become the legendary "first races" and leave their legacies forever in the game.

In area stores where there is sufficient customer interest, we may purchase store gift cards as competitive rewards for testers who produce the best species/world designs.

An interest in science fiction/fantasy/role playing/strategy games is a must as is an understanding that the main fun of the game happens in the mind of the player (though there is an actual game to play). A willingness to patiently play an incomplete game and spend some focused leisure time at home trying it out is absolutely required.

If you are interested, please send your query via the CONTACT page here, specifying you are an interested in alpha state playtesting and we will get in touch with you!