How Will It All Work?

Currently, we are uploading the biological design part of the game. This is primarily a database with all of the conditions and variables attached to the different biological items you can purchase when creating your own species. This includes, legs, hands, internal anatomy, senses, muscles, digestion, reproduction, etc., etc.

Initially, this will include only species comprised of single, macroscopic creature with typical physical features.

Microscopic species will follow--infectious organisms that also may be a hive mind intelligence (though this isn't required). Think of the horror/suspense film, The Thing  where living contact must be made in order to possess another life form--though infectious species do not necessarily have to control, replace or even assimilate (like the Borg of Star Trek) the life forms they infect. The design process for these sorts of species will have different features than typical biological life forms.

Next, we will add mutualistic species. This will be species designs that have more than a single life form making up their collective, individual units. So your design might be a species whose head is separate from its body or arms that are separate organisms connected to the torso. Essentially, several creatures in one.

Then we will add non-organic  species. Non-organic species will be silicanoid  or even plastic species. They may thrive in certain environments not useful to typical biological creatures. 

Finally, we will add extradimensional species. These will be a variety of forms (including types of energy) with unusual capabilities. These life forms exist primarily in normally unseen dimensions of space but have a physical component that serves as a conduit and anchor to this and other dimensional spaces. Extradimensional species will have special abilities but they also will be a potential source of exotic matter for other species should they be captured or acquired. Some fair examples would be the electrically charged aliens seen in the Russian film, The Darkest Hour or the ghost-like entities featured in the film, Spectral.

Other species that exist in the initial biological life forms are plant and fungal life, insect like species, flyers, burrowers, swimmers, climbers and others.

An Important Note!

Allowing players the ability to create the sort of life form they  imagine takes precedence with us. You will not be shoehorned into a narrow category where few limited choices are forced onto you. While there will be real-life biological constraints on creations, these are for immersion and believability, not to stop players from making something unique. But like any game, there will be borders and limits. Every choice in design has a potential benefit, a cost, and a consequence. While you can make nearly anything you can imagine, you will not have an endless capability to shove "everything" into a single creature.

You begin with a purchase point base amount for your species design. With these biological points, you may "purchase" species features and items. The base points you begin with are based on the human species and an optimal "Earth".

So how do you exceed human norms then?

You may swap features about. Perhaps hearing or vision will be less capable than human and the saved points can be used elsewhere. But the big alternative is to take points from your home world design (making it less favorable to your species) and then use them in your species design. This mirrors evolutionary adaptation: the harsher the environment, the greater the adaptations.

So your species' world may be a virtual hellscape but your species itself may be hell on wheels. It's up to you (you also have the option to take points away from your species and use them to improve your world, should you prefer).

Other Design Factors

In addition to creating your species physical form and capabilities, you also will create it's mentality. This includes not only its intellect but it's temperament, fears, courage, instincts, ambitions, morality, creativity and productivity (along with a lot more). So you may create a highly artistic, ethical, non-violent and philosophical species. This will have both pros and cons. If your government is a tyrannical, militaristic, bloodthirsty  dictatorship you may find your species' individuals are at odds with dutifully and effectively obeying and working for it. You can actually create your governance with a contradictory mindset but it will hinder the goals your government is trying to achieve. Chose carefully!

Perhaps your species is designed to be highly xenophobic. Making firm trade and military alliances will be difficult. There will be many considerations for you to make.

Space Fleet Design

While each species will possess a single Mattersmith created hex ship that allows interstellar travel and the creation of interstellar transport gates, you also will have the ability to design and produce "local" spacecraft that operate within a single solar system.

Each player will have six active ship class designs. Each month, one of these designs can be edited and made into a new class. Over time, your technological capability can improve or your ship goals may change. The monthly update serves as the equivalent of your shipyards and designers introducing new classes over time.


When the species types are fully uploaded, we will introduce a players' manual to illustrate and coach you through the design and play process. Until then, it may be a bit confusing here.  Stick with us, this is still our development window--you're just getting an early peek.

We will update here more  (and in the NEWS section) as features and capabilities are introduced. Also, expect more on the board game play options in the not too distant future!