An old school, theater-of-the-mind, solo and multiplayer board game & RPG with an online component.

Create an original, intelligent, alien/fantasy species, design its homeworld, biology, 
psychology, government and technology.
You make the creatures and worlds, we 
add the magic & science.

For play at the tabletop or in a VTT.

Enrolling  alpha testers, November, 2024.
The Game

Science fiction?  Fantasy?  A board game? 
How about all of them?

What we have planned in Sinperiums initially is custom player online species & world creation engine, accessed via the internet. Following this is the tabletop board game made for you to play your unique creations in with a cooperative or competitive science fiction theme and environment.

But we are also planning more!

What is planned to follow is Heksforge, an RPG system in which you can role-play your unique creations in a fantasy environment.

In Heksforge, you will not only be able to build unique species that you design yourself, but you will be able to use monsters and creatures designed by other players too!

While we are working on some core NPC-style species and shared world with established locations and settings, you will be able to tap into the creations of other players as well as your own and can choose which to include in your own games. Rather than being confined to the equivalent of a "monster manual" or a species-limited players' manual, you will have creative freedom to add your own choices to the core setting (shared by all at the start) in your own world. So creatures created in Sinperiums will ready to play in Heksforge and then imported to your own games as you like.


This is not a "kludge" system and game where we simply throw in everything and the kitchen sink. The playing worlds and universe are all connected by world building and the in-game storyline. The sharing of creations from a science fiction universe into a fantasy setting is part of a storyline. You can play either or both games -- together or separately as you like -- and still retain the separate science fiction and fantasy settings. If you choose, you can merge them together in a fully shared world, that will be up to you, but the core game sandboxes the universe locations where you have the choice of the sort of game you like and a given separation so you are not forced into one you would rather not play. Basically,  no phasers in your medieval castle -- unless you personally decide you want that.

So Sinperiums will provide a Traveller-like experience with ground and space combat which can then be played out in a board game. The board game mechanics also provide you the travel and combat systems to role play in an interstellar space environment with custom designed, technologically advanced life-forms and worlds. The world of Heksforge will exist within this universe and is shaped by this setting but it will be insulated from direct contact with those other worlds -- save for one exception: the travel of residents of those science fiction worlds to the world of Heksforge

While Heksforge itself will be a mostly pre-technological fantasy setting, this setting is firmly bounded by a science fiction reality. You will have to keep in touch here as we develop to find out the 'hows' and 'whys' of this, but magic and technology exist in separate worlds. But our first step is the science fiction milieu of Sinperiums -- Heksforge will follow after. 

There is a lot we have to say about board gaming, role playing and why we want to put another game out with the many already there and springing up. For us, it isn't about "building a brand", "establishing an IP" or making bank.  We simply want to make a unique, original and fun game that people can own without having to take out a loan to play. Most importantly, we want to present something new, with elements not found in most current games. You can play D&D, Pathfinder and whatever games you love, we simply want to make available something with a different feel and experience that can appeal to those players too.

More as we go!

Currently, coding and systems creation is what's happening. We have a sandboxed online creation system already up and payment processing is already built into it. Species and world creation in Sinperiums is biology and science based (but we do the hard science stuff for you). In Heksforge, "character/role" creation will allow creation of not only your own magic spells but unique designs of your own other classes. A player saying, "I am a magician!" or, "I am a fighter!" will not tell you exactly what that means until you see them in play. We also will web validate player designs, giving them a unique code number that you can reference on our site to know the creation is legitimate. Shared designs and creations will only  give you the final result of player choices and design. The exact "recipe" will only be fully known by the creating player.

I'm the creator, David North, and will be blogging intermittently as we work on the game. This is not a big budget, high tech, high graphic world: it is a system and environment for gamers who like to create and imagine.  We're just giving some guard rails and concept tools to keep players on the same page. 

Bells and whistles, print editions and all those sort of things are a future possibility (we are working on concepts for those as well) but the idea is for this to be a fun game, easily accessible and inexpensive. We will grow from there.

Hope to see you soon and look for the blogs that are coming. Feel free to contact me with any questions -- I'll answer them as long as I can.

This is an audio teaser for Heksforge. It is simply an unfinished concept piece for us internally at present but it gives you a little taste of the world, if you're interested: